6 Tools That Help In Mobile App Marketing

On 29 Apr., 2022

Marketing tools for mobile-first approach

6 Tools That Help In Mobile App Marketing

Won’t you think this mobile-first world is expanding at a breakneck pace? And, does not it seems like the scenario is getting tougher for a regular mobile app development company to get proper exposure? In case, you feel the same, you are not wrong. The ongoing competition has both a positive and negative impact on businesses today. On one hand, where it is making it easier for mobile apps to get prominent exposure, on the other hand, it is equally making the competition tough. It is true that marketing of the apps is difficult than ever before but there are ways that can help you in the endeavor.

We have compiled tools for app marketing in different categories. Here comes the compilation of the ways that you could practice:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best tools that help you track everything that occurs on your website. The development can easily be measured by mobile devices. The mobile app is much helpful in checking the metrics in the customized reports. There are tools to monitor the traffic as well as the data in real-time. There are options to build and save your reports to the dashboard with the metrics and dimensions that could be managed in real-time. It is an exceptional app from Google and the giant keeps updating the bugs it discovers in the app. Google has recently added support for custom metrics.

2. Yelp

Yelp boasts average unique mobile user with added reviews for an mobile app. Yelp can help boost page views to an increased count. The Yelp community is made to connect locals and share opinions about the things that matter to them. Thus, any local business can be registered to the community in order to claim positive reviews about your business. You can set up a page to get reviews that matter to your business. You could also consider paying for sponsored advertisements so that you can’t miss the opportunity to get huge success with potential customers.

3. Flurry

Flurry is a mobile analytic tool that monetizes as well as tracks the traffic on your mobile website. The platform is an exceptional one for the developers and helps them to track mobile apps worldwide. Flurry is owned by Yahoo and offers the analytic services in the real-time for platforms like Android, Windows, iOS as well as Blackberry devices. Flurry is also exceptional to furnish customer information comprising of demographics, average session length and the number of active users. This exceptional tool is completely free and can easily be integrated without much of the technical help.

4. Google Firebase

Google acquired Firebase back in the year 2014. Since then, the platform has been created more as a unified mobile app platform to offer support for iOS, Android, and web platform. The platform is renowned for providing users with unlimited reporting for nearly 500 distant events. These events can easily be defined by using Firebase SDK. Google Firebase is one exceptional tool to help marketers make informed decisions about app marketing as well optimizing the mobile app performance. “Google Analytics for developers” is an additional integration within the mobile application that help developers to analyze any of the metrics with this exceptional tool.

5. Wordpress/Medium

WordPress and Medium are two exceptional mobile-friendly platforms that can be used to bring visibility. The reach of both the platforms to an extended number of people makes it possible for the marketers to gain the benefit of their business. Wordpress has currently enrolled in AMP ( accelerated mobile pages ) to improve the loading speed of pages on smartphones and tablets. Additionally, Wordpress has a compressive mobile app that allows editing to existing posts much easier.

Medium, on the other hand, has similar benefits when used by a marketer. The platform is exceptional for bloggers belonging to any genre. The platform has different mobile apps that make it easy to edit and manage the content on the platform.

6. Slideshare

Having a whopping count of 70 million users, Slideshare is the knowledge-sharing platform for marketers and users alike. 80% of the visitors come to the platform through specific research to land directly on the piece of content they are looking for. Additionally, the platform has social shareable buttons that make it easy to share a piece of content to other platforms. There is an additional section for questions and compliments that users can use for giving their feedback. Mobile app marketing agency generally make use of Slideshare to either push an informative piece of content or to gain visibility among users.  

The Upshot

Marketing tools are truly essential for marketers as they help them bring visibility to their businesses. All the above-listed mobile applications are truly exceptional owing to their features and functionality they offer to the marketers. So, if you are looking forward to bring visibility to your marketing efforts, do consider these tools.  

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