How Much Does It Cost to Build a Successful Web App?

On 26 Apr., 2022

Web application development is a broad field, and there are as many ways to develop an app as there are to develop a website. The topics will be discussed in this guide to app development costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Successful Web App?

Have you ever considered creating your app? Do you have a head start on developing it but don't know how much more time it will take? Have you found yourself knee-deep in app creation and wanting to ensure that you're on the right track? Regardless of what you're experiencing, several factors influence how much it costs to create a successful web app, including the type of technology stack you use, the number of users your app will have, and the features you include in your first version.

The following topics will be discussed in this guide to app development costs.


Why build a web application?

Why build web applications? Some of you may be thinking, Why build web apps at all? We can sum it up in one word: reach. Your app has access to more users on more devices than ever before. Web development is a rapidly growing market, and new tools are helping smaller developers compete with giants like Facebook and Google. They both have their unique vision for where we should be going in terms of online experiences. 

In short, it's no longer a question of whether or not you should be building apps; now, it's about how you want your brand to shine online and through mobile devices.

1) Company size, awards, and reputation.

When you're starting, it's not always easy to get credit or attract venture capital, which means your startup will need money from other sources. Large enterprises usually have higher rates coupled with an extensive portfolio, well-organized processes, and a great team. 

You may be able to get discounts if you're ordering multiple projects at once or using existing resources that they can reuse.

Another option is crowdfunding: Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow entrepreneurs to raise money directly from interested supporters. 

Still another strategy is angel investors: Businesses that have already proven themselves can become mentors—and patrons—for startups just getting off the ground. 

This can provide business guidance and networking opportunities while also giving your project financial support.

2) Business experience.

Without business experience, you will have no idea how to prepare yourself or your team for what's coming in terms of expenses and cash flow. 

You also won't be able to vet potential investors properly. This means you will either have less money than you need or miss out on opportunities that could help advance your project, which can sink even a good idea. 

Beyond that, business experience is necessary if you want any hope of marketing your product—it's hard for someone who has never run an ad campaign to explain what it takes to convert visitors into users, let alone customers.

3) Geographical location

While one might assume that companies located in countries with a higher cost of living tend to have higher rates, that isn't always true. 

The global consultancy company KPMG found that of European and North American companies surveyed, 60% reported no increase in the costs of development caused by location. Only 16% reported a positive effect.

Software engineers are in high demand, but they're also very competitive. There are many open positions, but only a few people are looking for jobs with the right skills and experience.

4) Maintenance & Support

Of course, you'll have other costs that you need to cover. But by keeping your app's cost in check from day one, you can avoid more serious challenges down the road. This is where ongoing maintenance and support costs come into play; don't underestimate how much time it might take to fix bugs or add new features. 

Keep track of all your long-term expenses to align with your business model and revenue goals. If you don't do so already, start thinking about ways to save money over time—because as an entrepreneur, you probably won't be able to predict when certain expenses will pop up!

5) Cost Based on Developers

To help you get a better idea of what developers are earning. We've looked at their salary. Here's how much money they can expect to make per hour/month based on the technologies that these professionals use for work:

$250K if they build a Ruby on Rails web app ($99/month), $350K if they build a hybrid app using PhoneGap ($150/month), and $425K if they develop an Android native app ($400/month). If you want to learn more about what these technologies are:

Java Developers

Java web app development is a vast, flexible field, so it can be challenging to handle what specific costs you might incur when bringing a new Java-based project to life. 

From desktop application development (using Java) to mobile app creation, Java-based software can range from simple and cost-effective programs that could run you anywhere between $10K - $50K and up to enterprise-level applications with budgets in excess of $250K or more. 

JavaScript Developers

That is to say, JavaScript is far and away from the most popular language for developing custom web applications. 77% of respondents in a recent Stack Overflow survey said that JavaScript is in their stack.

Contrary to popular opinion, companies with specialized jobs, like full-stack developers and JavaScript experts, also tend to pay better wages and lower turnover rates.

After all, high salaries are appropriate when someone is a desired developer or has years of experience with specialized tools.

Simultaneously, even though salaries may be high, retention may not be since a company may have high turnover rates.

Web designers

If you're looking to create a web app, you should strive to build an excellent user experience. However, keep in mind that not all web designers are created equal. 

Look for someone who has at least one or two years of experience working on web applications or websites for major companies, and consult with several prospective candidates before making your final decision. 

Your budget and the complexity of your application and technical requirements will help you decide how much it costs to build a successful web app. An experienced web designer will generally charge between $50 and $200 per hour.

Make sure you ask for references or examples of work if you want to see samples of previous projects. Asking for at least three or four web designers is a good idea, as it will help you determine which one offers your project the most potential for success.  

PHP Developers

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages globally and is used by more than 240 million websites. These sites run on PHP's core function, the open-source scripting language.

You'll need strong PHP developers, and they're not cheap. If you want to create one of today's sophisticated PHP apps, you'll likely be looking at costs of $100 an hour or more, even for entry-level talent. That's partly because demand for PHP talent is so high right now; all those sites cost somebody something.

6) Evaluate the cost and schedule of a project by its complexity

Web application development prices vary depending on the project type and complexity. For example, custom web apps cost more because they require more time to develop than off-the-shelf software; however, there is no set rule for how much you should spend in total since it depends entirely upon what kind of developer your job (offshore or local).

Sometimes, finding the best match with your budget and needs can be difficult at first, as every person's situation is different. One moment, estimates may be accurate and everything, and then, something else that doesn't relate to the estimate can invalidate everything.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, web application development is a broad field, and there are as many ways to develop an app as there are to develop a website. There is no single way of doing it - whatever works for you and your team. You need to hire web developers in India having expertise in creating web applications in your niche, this would save your time as well as cost.