Tips to increase your online conversion rate

On 20 Apr., 2022

Some tips to get good quality leads for your business

Tips to increase your online conversion rate


  1. Examine more than once the: 

A/B tests are your new best friend. For any change you are thinking of applying to your website, create a test page and study the results. Don’t just pay attention to the number of visits, but also to metrics such as the session duration, the bounce rate, and of course, the sales conversion rate.


  1. Optimize your forms:

To be successful, any conversion strategy needs to rely on a solid lead generation campaign. In many cases, this involves filling in some sort of form.


  1. Use heat maps:

 Heat maps let you get to know every detail about your users’ behavior when they are navigating your webpages. Which elements do they pay most attention to? Where do they get tired of your page? Are they systematically ignoring your CTA button? Once you have this Information is power! 


  1. Make yourself easy to contact: 

Make it as easy as possible for customers to communicate with you. To make sure you are able to respond to as many users as possible, be available on a variety of communication channels.


  1. Clear call to action: 

the most crucial elements in digital marketing, as they are often they are they thing that convinces users to take the action you want them to. To improve your conversion data, you need to include links, images, animations etc. that effectively bring people to conversion.


  1. Social media presence:

Social networks are a fundamental piece in any online marketing strategy, but there is no use in creating corporate profiles if you don’t have a content plan and coherent strategy to go with it.


  1. Create content that attracts traffic:

Content marketing and advertising strategies help attract quality traffic made up of users who are interested in your products, brand and sector.