13 fantastic features of the best caterpillar half-haul machine

On 2 Mar., 2022

Rubber extruder machine transforms rubber materials into specially shaped products for multiple uses in many sectors.

13 fantastic features of the best caterpillar half-haul machine

Rubber extruder machine transforms rubber materials into specially shaped products for multiple uses in many sectors. These rubber extruded products have various durability, flexibility, and lightweight properties. Also, they have high resistance to chemicals, friction, fatigue, aging, cold, heat, abrasion, wear & tear. They are best suited for extreme and harsh conditions; they are used for edge trim profiles, door & window seals, bumpers, and fenders. With the rising demand for pipes and cables, Caterpillar haul-off machine are also increasing. They make superior quality pipes and cables with IoT and innovative technology. 


Hence, let us check out the many features and benefits of rubber extruder machines to make high-quality products in many sectors.

Fantastic features of the best caterpillar haul-off machine

The modern age caterpillar haul-off machine uses innovative technologies with IoT to be more flexible in a wide range of applications. They incorporate a new generation of AC servo motors with the concept of constant torque and a high torque gearbox. It makes the clients worry-free about the gear changing system hassle to cover an array of products. Apart from providing high torque at a slow speed, energy-efficient motors save energy and time and are maintenance-free. The following are the few features of the best Caterpillar haul-off machine.

  1. Fully-guarded to provide the maximum access and safety to the operator
  2. Made with high European standards, it is compatible with the industry 4.0 norms
  3. Produced using innovative technologies embedded with IoT
  4. All the parts of Caterpillar have approval and CE marking for high quality
  5. Incorporate Gang Roller Assembly
  6. Engages in pressing superior quality Nitrile rubber belt on the cable
  7. Controls the belt pressure with a pneumatic controller
  8. Keeps the belt in the wheel’s center by the adjustable belt guide rollers
  9. Measures the line speed with incorporated sensors
  10. Enables multiple applications with easy and low maintenance
  11. Does not need multi-step gearboxes
  12. Enables integration of new caterpillars to the existing lines
  13. Additional safety for the operator during running with electromechanical switches

What does the rubber extrusion machine do?

The best rubber extruder machines made by experienced manufacturers provide an economical and efficient process for producing specifically shaped rubber products. It makes many rubber finished products of various lengths and shapes with minimal waste materials with the following main parts.


  • The heated shearing screw conveyor processes the raw rubber material by heating in the conveyor channel.
  • The hopper, which is a container above the conveyor, sends the stock to it to get softened by heating, pressurizing, and shearing by the rotation process of the screw.
  • Die at the end of the extruder to give shape to the pressurized stock pushed to it.

Different rubber extruder machines

The experienced manufacturers supply different rubber, high-quality machines, easy maintenance, and seamless operations. A few of the machines include -

  • Standard extruders
  • Laboratory extruders
  • Pin barrel extruders
  • Vacuum degassing extruders
  • Silicon cable extruder
  • Co-extrusion extruders


Supermac has nearly half a century of experience in manufacturing the best rubber extruder machines for multiple purposes. Starting in 1974, they have state-of-the-art facilities in India and Malaysia to supply high-quality extrusion lines worldwide.