What To Consider When Choosing a Trifold Funeral Program Template

On 10 Feb., 2022

What To Consider When Choosing a Trifold Funeral Program Template

What To Consider When Choosing a Trifold Funeral Program Template

Whether you are creating a memorial service program yourself or getting the services of a professional memorial printing company, the most difficult part is usually selecting the right cover design. The suitable tri-fold funeral program template, with a good funeral writeup, prayer, or well wishes, can be the perfect memorial keepsake for your beloved. In this article, you will find a few tips that will help you choose the right funeral program template for your loved one.

What Are Trifold Brochure Templates?

Trifold brochures or programs are a beautiful way to honor your lost loved one. They are compact, and each of the folds makes it a wonderful keepsake to place in your purse or within a book. The trifold brochures have great collage designs on the front and the back of the program. 

On each side of the 3 panels, you can add text within the brochure. In other words, if you have a lot of text to add, this may not be the best option. Tri-fold brochure templates are set in legal and large tabloid sizes to ensure there is sufficient space for you to add the text and photo. These templates can also be used in business brochures, but they are most popular among memorial and wedding programs.

#1. Type of Template

There are various types of tri-fold brochure templates you can choose for a memorial service, but which one best suits the personality of your loved one. Do they enjoy the beach, landscape, or mountains? Choose a template that reflects what they loved while they were still alive.

#2. Cover Photo

If you add a cover photo to the brochure, you need to choose a tri-fold funeral program template with room for a photo. If you are going for a memorial photo collage of family pictures instead, ensure you pick a layout that has extra space to contain your pictures. Once you choose a theme or design, you can begin to plan what you will include in your brochure. 

#3. Favorite Color of Your Loved One

If the deceased has a favorite color, you can choose a brochure template in that color. The color should suit your loved one's personality. If they are conservative, you may have to go with a simple shade of soft colors. If they had a colorful personality, you could go with wild and adventurous colors.

#4. Spiritual Life of the Deceased

Spirituality is a big part of people's lives. If your loved one was spiritual or belonged to a religious group, you should consider choosing a template with religious artwork. Try using covers that have bibles, crosses, or angels.


When it comes to planning a funeral service, there are a lot of details to fill in for a successful one. Creating the right funeral brochure is one of them. If you don't have the creative abilities to make a perfect funeral program, you can always get a custom trifold funeral template from a reputable memorial program printing company.