Dreamy Places to Enjoy NightLife in New York

On 18 Jan., 2022

Nightlife in New York

Dreamy Places to Enjoy NightLife in New York

The nightlife in New York is surrounded by jazzy, hot, and glamorous air that feels like an after-dark hangover. It is one of the best places to wake up and feel truly alive when the sun sets down. 

New York has always attracted tourists for its energy, even during the daytime. But, a different aroma fills in the air when the sun goes down. The city lights begin to shine, and the streets fill up with tourists and residents. People start to step out of their offices and bring the energy to the streets. The nightclubs are crowded with party animals, and the decks are lined up with unique cocktails. The souls with the party spirit begin to raise their hands in the air, and the scene is complete magic. Even though the Statue of Liberty shines bright at night, the bars, restaurants, and clubs attract the attention of nightlife in New York. You won't get tired of exploring the fun side of New York, even if you do it every day. 

Here is what you can do to get lost in the New York air after dark. 

NYC Speakeasy Walking Tour

The No-Alcohol movement in the USA did not quite see the win-win situation, but many clandestine restaurants and bars came out as a result. These bars and restaurants came with the idea to enjoy alcohol in an exciting manner. 

This walking tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of sneaking inside these bars through a secret entrance. You can even learn to make one or two cocktails at these bars. If you want a thrilling experience, it is a great way to do so. 

Paul's Cocktail Lounge

This hibiscus wallpaper-clad cocktail lounge is one of the unique spots in Manhattan. It is often referred to as Paul's Baby Grand, which regularly hosts see-and-be-seen crowds of industry creatives to occasional A-listers and cool kids. 

Arrive early if you want to get an entry into the lounge. When you are in there, enjoy the mixed collection of music that bounces back from old hits to global classics. They offer dressed-up bottle service and table service served by a suited-up bar. But the real fun comes in when you step onto the small dance floor. It can be among the best experiences for nightlife in New York. To enjoy the complete fun, stay until the disco ball goes up after midnight. 

Serra by Birreria

When you want to explore New York from the top, the best place is to visit a rooftop restaurant. One of the best among them is Serra by Birreria. They switch their theme decor and menu every season. 

If you visit during the fall, you will get to explore the ambiance filled with foliage. Find the most popular ingredients of the season on the menu. If you want to explore something different from the New York arts, this is the place. Get treated to a delicious menu and get lost in the area. 

Make your visit to these popular spots for an authentic New York experience.