A Medieval Theme For Dress Up Is Wonderful!

On 4 Jan., 2022

Dress up parties are such fun, with one of the best themes being that of Medieval times. Get ideas for your fancy dress parties online

A Medieval Theme For Dress Up Is Wonderful!

Have you been to a medieval dress up party with scary medieval costumes in Australia? They are the most wonderful parties, filled with life and joviality, always a raging success. Firstly, the Australians really know how to party. They know how to throw a good party and how to enjoy a good party. They come to parties wanting to have fun and that is a very Australian thing! Australians do not have airs and graces. They are not the kind of people who try and impress or who show off. They love to laugh with their friends and to have a good time. They come to parties wanting to enjoy themselves and this they do! And whether the party is a dress up theme or not, the party goes on till all hours of the morning.

Dress up costumes

If an Australian does go to a dress up party, they do go all out. If the theme is a hippie theme, they don’t just put on a pair of bellbottoms and leave it at that. No way. They wear the bellbottoms, they find a pair of platform shoes, they get hold of a tie and dye tee shirt, they wear dozens of bangles and necklaces, they make a head band, they get a wig for long hair and they wear lipstick and have long eyelashes! They go all out! Same if it is a medieval costume party and they wear medieval costumes. It might not be as easy to make a medieval costume as it is to make up a hippie costume, but Australians would then hire the costume. They find an online costume shop, they choose their costume, they order it and they get it delivered to their home. And then they wear it with great gusto, including all the accessories.

Throwing a dress up party

If you are hosting a dress up party, give your guests plenty of notice about the theme of the party. Be fair and give them plenty of time to plan and think of the perfect dress up costume. Half the fun is in the planning and the plotting, and in being creative. Let your guests know what the theme is - cartoon, fantasy, medieval, hippie, movie, book, free and easy, roaring 20s or anything - and give them time to prepare. And if it is a party for a child, definitely give good notice. Perhaps your child wants to have a furry animal party and kids dress up as tigers, lions, giraffes, bears etc. Parents need time to think up costumes although buying fancy dress costumes online is always an easy option. It is the option we would choose, for sure.

Would you rather make a dress up costume or buy a dress up costume? We think it is fantastic that you have the choice. Do whatever suits you but be like an Australian. Embrace the idea of dressing up and have a great time. Get into the spirit of dress up, be it with  scary medieval costumes in Australia or any other theme.