How to know the application of the knowledge gained by a big data online course

On 3 Dec., 2021

Xebia Academy offers big data online course or they provide big data training.

How to know the application of the knowledge gained by a big data online course

Any big data training allows one to play the role of a game-changer in the industry of choice. The market share of Big Data revenues for it is projected to grow to $103 billion by 2027 with a 10.48% Compound Annual Growth Rate. The application of Big Data across the board is immense and growing wherever companies need to make informed business decisions by sifting through large amounts of data. This may include data from structured and unstructured sources alike like server logs, social media content, emails or other communications from customers, and machine data through multiple sensors.

Big Data in Healthcare

This domain generates tons of data every day and traditional methods lag due to the limited ability to consolidate and standardize this data to help make sense. The use of wearable technology is increasing exponentially and provides a host of imaging data, health record data, sensor data, patient-generated data, and more. Knowledge gained at the big data online course allows one to personalize medicine and prescriptive analytics to identify patterns for particular conditions, drug side effects, and other necessary information. This increases the care of the patient while reducing the costs and predicting a disease early for better healthcare.

Big Data in Manufacturing

The use of the skills attained at the big data training helps to provide near-zero downtime to the various industrial processes and transparency to the management. The advanced prediction tools allow the industry to handle enormous amounts of data to process it into useful information. This allows the industry to increase product quality and quantity, track defects early, plan supplies, track the process, increase the efficiency of energy, test and simulate new processes, and support mass customization. This allows the companies who employ Big Data to enter new markets and avenues of growth while reducing the errors in the system.

Big Data in Media and Entertainment

The application of knowledge gained at the big data online course allows one to solve the new business problems of this particular industry. Big Data applications help the industry to create, distribute, and market its content optimally. This happens through consumer research and the ability to access the content anywhere and anytime on any device. The data in this industry is available as action points with millions of individuals and insights into this data allow a host of benefits. It helps the industry to predict the wants, schedule optimization, increase retention, target the audience, create new products, and monetize content.

Big Data in Government

While it may not be evident to the normal person but every government across the globe has been focusing on hiring or supporting their in-house personnel to gain big data training. This training allows personnel to increase the efficiency of the processes in terms of productivity, innovation, and costs. Usually, the same data sets are required by multiple departments and this increases collaboration. Some of the most commonly used aspects of Big Data by government bodies are in terms of cybersecurity, intelligence, crime prediction and prevention, pharmaceutical drug evaluation, scientific research of various kinds, tax compliance, weather prediction, and more.